More about meat we use

Our meat comes mainly from the PIEMONTESE breed typical for the Italian region of the city of Turin. The meat does not come from young bulls as usually. This is because we found out that meat from young heifers is much more delicate. This meat has a distinct pure taste and preserves its juice. Thanks to the unique properties of marbling - fat storage in the muscles - the beef is juicy and has its typical flavour.

We also cooperate with the Slovak and Czech farms, which specialize in the Scottish breed GALLOWAY and ABERDEEN ANGUS. The Galloway breed belongs to the oldest of cattle. The meat is characterized by fine muscle fibres and balanced marble. Aberdeen Angus is the most widely grown breed reared exclusively for meat and steaks. The meat is fine, less fat, without much marbling.

The meat gains its softness and delicacy because it is not processed immediately after slaughter. It takes 14-21 days for our farmers to dry the meat using the “dry-aging”hanging method. The whole unwrapped quarterswith bones hang on the hooks in large refrigerators. Farmers choose only those pieces that have enough fat around the meat (so-called fat cover). The fat on the surface isolates the meat and makes it almost sterile. It is true that the longer the meat matures, the better, the tastier, the more delicate and the more intense. Subsequently, the meat is processed, broken down into parts and vacuum sealed. The so-called "wet maturing in a vacuum” starts and lasts for another 7-14 days.

Cuts of beef:

  1. Sirloin (Filetto) - is the most delicate and tender meat. The cut comes from the rear back of the animal. This muscle is not much in use - that is why the meat is extra tender. Very light marbling of the sirloin makes the meat so lean and tender that you will be able to cut it with just a fork. Sirloin is very famous for preparation of steaks and Tartar Steak.

    It is divided into three parts: top part (best for Carpaccio), middle part (preparation of filetto, Chateaubriand) and bottom part (best for Tartar Steak). Appropriate preparation is medium, medium-well.


  1. Short Loin (Striploin steak/ Sottofiletto) –comes from rear back part of the animal, next to the sirloin. Typical is fat edging. This one side of fatty coat makes the meat rich and of gorgeous flavour. It is divided into front part „striploin“ and back part.    Due to the softness and juiciness of the meat it could be served as well-done. Top sirloin also known as picantha is very famous steak in Brazil.(here you will find it as steak picanha).                     


  1. Rib (RibEye steak/ Costata) –The cut comes from the top part of the center section of rib and merges into striploin. The meat is very tender and greased with fat. After siroin it is the softest cut of the cattle meat. Well known RibEye steak comes from its middle part. It is an oval shape piece of meat with rich marbling and typical „fatty eye“ - a deep embedded fat. This fat adds characteristic rich flavour and juiciness. In some countries (Britain, USA and France),RibEye is valued as sirloin Due to the softness and juiciness of the meat it could be served as well-done.


  1. Round (Rump steak/ Sottofesa)  - We consider round the first class beef meat. It is a primal cut and consists of multiple subprimal cuts.Outside the round there is a specific cut by the rump – the bottom round. It is a lean, juicy meat, a bit more tough than the rib or the chuck, but very flavourful cut of the meat. The best use of round roasts is rare to medium-rare. It is used also for soup/broth Tafelspitz with horseradish and mustard. Very similar is another subprimal cut inside round – the top round,that is tenderer with fatty edging.


  1. Tip roast (Tip Roast steak/ Girello) – the finest meat from the beef rump.It is valued for its tenderness and softness, very similar to sirloin. The taste is fuller and juicier. Suitable as medium or medium-well.


  1. Brisket (Mock tender roast) -Beef brisket is one of the most flavourful and tender cuts of the meat. It is very similar to sirloin. This muscle is not much in use - that is why the meat is exceptionally tender. Suitable as rare or medium, we do not recommend as medium-well.


  1. Flank (Flank steak/ Fiocco)-Flank is the mixture of different muscles that could make a very good quality steak. This cut comes from the lower chest of the cattle. It has tough muscle fibres. The best of the meat you get when rested after griling, sliced thinly against the grain. Suitable for rare to medium, not recommended for well done.


  1. Chuck (Chuck roll steak/ Arrosto Tenerone) –Beef chuck comes from the forequarter. It consists of the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm. By structure and appearance it looks like ribeye steak meat, but it is a bit juicier. This cut has a good deal of connective tissue, which creates together with the meaty part„the roll“. Chuck is suitable for braised dishes, roasting and well-done steaks.               


  1. Hanger steak - It is a very interesting type of steak prized for its flavour. It is placed deep inside the loin, encircled by the rib cage, which makes it a relatively tender piece of meat that could be compared to liver. The cut has long muscle fibers similar to flank steak. It was not much available, because butchers used to keep it for themselves. That is why itis called „ butchers tenderloin“. Hanger steak is very popular in France, where it is considered a delicacy.


  1. Top Blade steak -The meat from the front upper leg is tender.This cut comes from shucking the shoulder blade. Typical for the steak is the vein running in the middle that softens by preparation. The meat is juicy and appealing. Suitable for well done.


  1. Spider steak - It is a very unconventional and rare type of steak. The name comes from the shape of the steak´s marbling that resembles spider web. It is a special beef cut, that comes from the cut of the muscle placed in the hollow of the hip joint. Spider steak is valued especially in France, due to its juiciness and flavour that differs from other steaks. From one animal you get only 2 pieces of steak. It is butchers favourite part of beef.